Mission and Goals

– 2010-2011 –

(prepared by Board of Directors at April 8, 2010 meeting)

A Growing and Organized MVSNA

 1. Membership Meetings.

  • Hold membership meetings at the Yale Laundry Lofts.
  • Use alternative locations only for special events, such as forum with Mayor (MCC Church), Hero of Mt. Vernon Square Awards (Bus Boys & Poets), or informal social meetings including a picnic day in Mount Vernon Square.
  • Develop agendas with issue-focused themes, such as a presentation on Mount Vernon area history, city agency roundtable, economic development forum, and candidates’ forum.

 2. Board Meetings.

  • Hold quarterly Board meetings to track movement toward Association goals and adjust accordingly (July 15, 2010, October 19, 2010, and January 6, 2011).

 3. Increase Membership

  • Conduct mailing to registered voter addresses in MVSNA with picnic invite and membership application.
  • Make appeal for renewing membership at every meeting.
  • Distribute membership applications at a table by the Safeway.
  • Establish credit card capacity to take membership payments online.
  • Further organize membership records and annual dues solicitations.  (TOP PRIORITY)

 4. Fundraising

  • Obtain 501(c) charitable status to encourage donations.
  • Raise $1,000 in Association’s 2010-2011 fiscal year.
  • Reusable shopping bag with MVSNA and Safeway logo filled with new and renewing member coupons and gifts from neighborhood businesses.
  • Develop list of MVSNA membership benifits and organization accomplishments.

 Relationships and Communication

 1. Inform Mount Vernon Square residents through a monthly newsletter

  • Develop e-mail list of all MVSNA members, government contacts, and other neighborhood leaders to regularly send agenda/newsletter in pdf form.
  • Post all newsletters on website, blog, and yahoo list.
  • Continue door-to-door delivery.

 2. Maintain close relationships with government officials and neighborhood groups

  • Send newsletters, meeting agendas, and minutes to DC government officials and others outside the neighborhood.
  • Regularly send a representative to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C and 6C meetings.
  • Work cooperatively with other neighborhood groups, including the Downtown Neighborhood Association, Convention Center Community Association, Blagden Alley, and Chinatown Revitalization Council, as well as apartment/condo associations.
  • Maintain active involvement in Federation of Citizens Associations.

 3. Electronic media

  • Update MVSNA website with officer contacts/bios, recent neighborhood photos, and membership form/credit card system.
  • Add crime tracker map tool.

 Infrastructure, Development & Historic Preservation

 Address vacant property

  • Urge DC government to sell city-owned vacant properties, including 460 Ridge Street, 454 N Street. 
  • Address Bible Way lot.
  • Work with Third Street Church of God and city to develop plan for vacant New Jersey Avenue properties.
  • Develop neighborhood consensus of future of the Sursum Corda library building.

 Participate in development plans

  • Closely review development proposals to ensure consistency with the historic character of the Mount Vernon area and a positive impact on the neighborhood.

 Improve transportation safety

  • Seek pavers or embedded LED lighting for 5th and New York Avenue NW.

 Keep the Neighborhood Clean & Beautiful

  • Continue to hold spring (April) and fall (October) clean up events, including planting of bulbs in fall.
  • Conduct tree inventory of neighborhood and organize tree planting with Casey Trees.
  • Reclaim 5th and New York Avenue green space from Metropolitan Police Department.
  • Organize workgroup to address 5th and I Street NW lot and surrounding area.
  • Work with the Downtown Neighborhood Association to establish memorial park for Miles Groves.

 Improve Neighborhood Safety

  • Keep in close contact with PSA 101 and 308 leadership.
  • Advocate for increased police resources, including foot and bike patrols.
  • Continue work on relocation of McKenna’s Wagon.

 Build Community Through Neighborhood Events

  • Organize fall picnic (September 2010).
  • Host awards night at Bus Boys & Poets (January 2011).




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