Candidate for ANC 6E03 – Kennith James

I recently sent an e-mail questionnaire to all the candidates running for office in the new ANC6E.  As the answers come in, I’ll post them to the MVSNA blog and send them out on the Shaw and Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood list-serves.  Feel free to relink.  – Sam Shipley, President, MVSNA

Here are the responses from Kennith James – candidate for ANC 6E03.

Kennith James

1.  Please introduce yourself and describe your background. 
I was born in DC, Freeman’s Hospital. My mother owned a house right on 5th and Q. Street

2.  What led you to want to run for ANC?

I started to attend a few ANC meetings and found a lot of information being processed, but when it came back to the people of 6E it would be watered down information if any at all.

3.      Describe how you view the role of an ANC Commissioner.

As a direct link to the City Council and Mayors office for the people of my ward, and let the city representatives know the people will be heard.

4.       What do you see is the biggest issue in 6E that needs addressing?

Employment, Drug Prevention, Activities for our children and senior community.

5.      What do you think is 6E’s greatest strength and largest weakness?

The diversity and the growth. Trying to get the community on the same page to grow and keep everyone informed of the changes.

6.      How do you view the sometimes contentious issue of churches vs. residents?

I am strong believer in getting people together and trying to come to conclusions on problems. It sounds easy, but I know it will take work and I will try.
7.      How do you feel about the Convention Center in terms of its impact on the neighborhood?

I believe it could do more, hire more of our residents, and STAY committed to keeping ward 6 residents employed.

8.     There are a lot of projects in the pipeline for 6E.  What will you be looking for from developers who want to build here?

 Accountability, I can’t express enough the need for keeping our people employed. That’s my stand.

9.      What do you feel the city should be doing to support the neighborhood and its residents?  Is it doing enough?  Too much?  Too little?

I believe the city should take the great idea of 1 City 1 Hire to a true level not just limit to clothing stores such as Marshalls and these fast food stores. They need a small committee to oversee the contractors and check they employed staff and not only take away they contracts if they don’t obey, but fine them for false records. Our city consists of federal and city government jobs. A lot of our residents have live in this area they entire lives, we can’t act like they don’t exist, we welcome the new residents of Shaw but we must remember when our streets were ringing with gun fire how through street patrols and our citizens, and MPD they reclaimed the streets.

10.  Is there anything else you would like to tell the voters?

I can’t make any promises about I can change this or I can change that, but I can promise this, I will voice the needs of my 6E residents.


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